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  • To all the brothers and sisters of the Oases - Realities of Koinonia John the Baptist Christ is risen! Dear sister and dear brother, Once again the time has arrived that introduces us to and prepares us for Christmas. This year however has been especially meaningful and marked by events that have engaged the entire Federation. The memory of the pastors meeting in the sanctuary of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico at the beginning of the year is still very much alive in our hearts. Responding ... [read more]
  • Christ is risen! Dear sisters and brothers, Fr. Alvaro Grammatica's book "Sul sentiero di Papa Francesco" (roughly translated as "In the footsteps of Pope Francis") was presented on Saturday the 9th of November in Padua, Italy. For the occasion cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio gave a talk about the pontiff. The journalist Gianluca Versace was the moderator of the event. The theme at the center of the conference was: "To understand Pope Francis and his teaching, it is necessary to understand... [read more]
  • Christ is risen! A year and a half ago, the brothers and sisters from Koinonia in Ireland had the 'crazy' idea of a youth project, bringing young people from different denominations together in for fun, faith and friendship. In a year we've brought together more than a hundred young people from the different communities in NI, together with volunteers from across the globe, and from across the generations. On 16th May the project "FEARLESS Youth" won first place in the Irish Youth Ministry Awa... [read more]
  • Christ is risen! Dear brothers and sisters of Koinonia John the Baptist, This year we celebrate the feast of the birth of the Precursor together with the fortieth anniversary of journeying together as a community. In the Bible, forty is a number that expresses fulfilment and maturity. On this occasion my hope for each one of us is this: that the blessing contained in the name “John”, that “God is gracious”, is fully experienced in our lives and in those most precarious situations for which we... [read more]
  • To all the brothers and sisters of the Oases - Realities of Koinonia John the Baptist Christ is risen! Dear brothers and sisters, We find an expression in the Gospels which is typical of biblical thematic development regarding retribution: that is, everyone bears the weight of his or her own sins. Because of this, you can’t shift the blame or responsibility on to others, something which is supported in a theology of retribution which is very in vogue today. This theology remains characterist... [read more]
  • To all the brothers and sisters of the Oases - Realities of Koinonia John the Baptist Christ is risen!   This verse interprets very well for us what our attitude of faith should be: remembering what we were, and remembering what God has done for us. Our faithfulness depends on this memory. This is why the biblical text continuously invites us to observe the commands of the Lord and to walk in his ways with holy fear (cf. Dt 8:6). I think that faithfulness originates in this retroacti... [read more]
  • Christ is risen! Dear friends, On this day we remember the birth of John the Baptist, our patron saint. May each one of us be re-strengthened on our path, following the one who, in both words and witness of life, revealed and pointed out the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Happy Feast Day to each one of you, Fr. Alvaro Grammatica  
  • Christ is risen! Dear brothers and sisters, On Sunday 25th February, our brother Valér, from the Oasis of Camparmò, took his first vows in the presence of the whole Koinonia of Camparmò. Let us accompany Valér with our prayers so that the Lord may sustain his call with the gift of faithfulness and perseverance.