Since the beginning of the Oasis of Camparmò (Italy) in 1979, other communities of life and covenant have been formed, first in Italy and then in other nations since 1995.
Currently Koinonia John the Baptist is continually expanding. It is now present in all five continents, with dozens of communities of shared life, both in celibate and familial forms. Alongside these there are various regions (which unite multiple Realities in the same geographic area), and numerous other autonomous Realities.
There are over a thousand Houses of Prayer.
At the same time other realities of differing size and nature are springing up and come under the authority of the Koinonia communities present in that region. The Koinonia continues to expand through schools of evangelization and the foundation of new covenant communities of life for celibate brothers and sisters, and families.
The Koinonia is present in all 5 continents with a permanent presence in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Israel, Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA, Mexico, India, Australia, Cuba, Honduras and Colombia.


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