Evangelization and formation


Scala formazione

Ateneo John the Baptist is a formative structure for evangelization which is part of Koinonia John the Baptist. Its aim is to present theological knowledge in light of the kerygma so as to form evangelizers and trainers capable of transmitting a KeKaKo mentality: a contagious, winning mentality which is Christ-centered and open to the charismatic, communitarian dimension. Prayer, study, practical activities and community life make up the framework of Ateneo through which it aims to offer an integral and effective formation in evangelization.

Ateneo is structured into three levels which are systematically linked together.
– The Basic Level consists of three Schools. The Kerygmatic School aims to give a dynamic experience of the kerygma and teaches how to transmit an evangelical announcement by using simple, effective and creative ways. The Charismatic or Ministerial School aims to supply the instruments suitable for carrying out the various ministries with which the Holy Spirit creates, develops and consolidates his Church. The Koinonical School aims to supply the principles and criteria for living as community, for integral growth and pastoral guidance, in order to reach full personal and spiritual maturity.
– The Middle Level consists of three Sections. The Philosophical Section in which the fundamental tools are offered for making the intellect capable of searching for the truth in what is real, both in the natural and supernatural world. The Biblical Section aims to give students a fundamental, scientific and in-depth knowledge of all Sacred Scripture. The Theological Section aims to make the students capable of deducing from Revelation the light which illuminates the historic reality in which we live.
– The Upper Level consists of various study programs in the Theological Faculties of ecclesiastical universities.