The community was born in 1979 by the initiative of the priest, Fr. Ricardo Argañaraz who, after a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit and together with a small group consisting of two brothers and a sister, withdrew to a secluded, mountainous location in Vincentino called Camparmò, to begin a life dedicated to prayer, work and study.

In the solitude of those early years the founding elements of the new community were set in place: prayer, listening to the Word of God, experiencing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, brotherly friendship, accepting one another and trust in the providential hand of the Father.

The starting date of the community was officially fixed as January 1st, 1979, the Feast of Mary Mother of God, on the occasion of a pilgrimage to the Holy House of Loreto. After the early years of complete solitude, the community gradually increased its evangelization action in the training of evangelizers in order to cope with the continuously growing influx of brothers and sisters eager for a life of prayer, sharing and evangelization.

Ricardo's ordination Fr. Ricardo's ordination, 1962Small communityCamparmò, 1985
Prayer meetingPrayer meeting, 1985
RicardoFr. Ricardo, 2013