New center in Prešov


Christ is risen!

On 3rd December 2017, the Founder of Koinonia John the Baptist, Fr. Ricardo Argañaraz, inaugurated the new center of the reality of Prešov (Slovakia).

A week later, on 10th December 2017, His Excellency Ján Babjak, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Prešov, consecrated the new chapel dedicated to John the Baptist, within that same center. Fr. Alvaro Grammatica, General Moderator, the coordinator of the reality of Prešov, Fr. Anton Pariľák and other pastors of the Slovak oases were present, as well as representatives of the diocesan curia of Prešov.
Besides the members of Koinonia, many friends, sympathisers, representatives from the political world and sponsors attended this official opening ceremony, who contributed to this beautiful work.

Let us thank the Lord for this new Koinonia center and let us pray that it may become a place of blessing for the whole Archdiocese of Prešov.