News from India

Christ is risen!

It is with great joy that we share with you some news from our realities in India:

– On Wednesday 20th January our brother Rathin from the Oasis of Krishnagiri (South India) took vows for three years.
– On Wednesday 27th January the new chapel of the reality of Bakrol (approx. 200km West from Jhabua) was consecrated by Archbishop Thomas Macwan, Archbishop of Gandhinagar, and in the presence of the Bishop of Udaipur and the new Bishop of Jhabua.
– On Thursday 28th January, in the Oasis of Jhabua (North India), three brothers requested to be admitted in the internal community for the trial year, while the sister Roshni took her first three-year vows.

Let us thank and bless the Lord for these gifts.