Vows in New York and Pilsen


Dear friends,
With joy, we would to share the news of two beautiful events with you.

On 1st May, our sister Zuzka took the perpetual vows of virginity for the Kingdom of Heaven, evangelical poverty and docility. The event took place in our parish in Brooklyn (New York), in the presence of our Founder, Fr. Ricardo, and brothers and sisters of the community.

On Pentecost Sunday (15th May) 4 brothers and sisters also committed to virginity for the Kingdom of Heaven, poverty and docility in Pilsen. František made his first vows for a period of three years, Monika T. and Anezka renewed their vows for a second three-year period, while Monika S. took her perpetual vows. The commitments were made in front of Fr. Alvaro, our Pastor General.

Lets thank the Lord who continually sows the seed of the gift of call in the hearts of his people.