Vows in Patzcuaro, Mexico


Christ is risen!

Dear brothers and sisters,

On Sunday 13th December 2016, 3 of our Mexican brothers, Pedro, Lalo and Cristian proclaimed their perpetual vows in the hands of our general pastor, Fr. Alvaro. The celebration took place during the regional Mexican congress in Patzcuaro, Michoacán, with 6500 participants. The respective pastors of the candidates, Fr. Sandro, Fr. Fabrizio and Fr. Adriano were present besides Fr. Corrado, pastor of the Oasis of Guadalajara and delegate for the whole Mexican reality, as well as Fr. Claudio, Fr. Artur, Francesca and a group of brothers and sisters from Europe who had come for the occasion. A Mass was celebrated the day before, on Saturday 12th November, at which the Cardinal of Morelia presided and blessed the event.

Let us once more bless the Lord who calls young people to leave everything and follow him.