Currently, Koinonia John the Baptist has more than 30 communities of consecrated life, to which numerous Realities are attached. The total number of members (including lay people, consecrated brothers and sisters, and priests) is more than 10,000 (data from 2021).

The community is present in many nations across all five continents: Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, and Zimbabwe.

Sfondo verde chiaro con puntino rosso (presenza di un'oasi)   Oasis of Koinonia

Sfondo verde chiaro con puntino blu (presenza di una realtà)   Reality of Koinonia

Sfondo verde chiaro (presenza della Koinonia)   Presence of Koinonia


Oasis of The Braid

Oasis of Biella

Oasis of Camparmò

  • Reality of Gesia
  • Inter-regional reality – Northern Italy

Oasis of Recanati

  • Reality of Southern Apulia

Oasis of Rome

  • Reality of Sardinia
  • Reality of Sicily

Oasis of Błotnica

Oasis of Nowy Radzic

  • Region of Krakow
  • Reality of Białystok
  • Reality of Tarnobrzeg
  • Reality of Warsaw

Oasis of Wrocław

Oasis of Astorga

  • Reality of Madrid

Emerging reality of Sweden

Emerging reality of Hungary


Oasis of Guadalajara

  • Reality of Guadalajara North
  • Reality of Guadalajara South
  • Reality of Acapulco
  • Reality of Cancún
  • Reality of Colima
  • Reality of Lombardia
  • Reality of Merida
  • Reality of Patzcuaro
  • Reality of Sabinas
  • Reality of Saltillo
  • Reality of Torreón

Reality of Puebla

  • Reality of Mexico City North
  • Reality of Mexico City South
  • Reality of Cordoba
  • Reality of Huejotzingo
  • Reality of Palmar de Bravo
  • Reality of San Sebastian
  • Reality of Tecamachalco
  • Reality of Tehuacán
Oasis of Los Angeles

Oasis of New York

  • Reality of Minnesota
  • Reality of Pittsburgh

Oasis of Bridgeport




Reality of Australia