June 2024

  • 1 June: Conclusion of the School for Priors, Secretaries and Treasurers in Riano (Italy)
  • 3 June: Meeting with the Patriarch of Jerusalem (Israel)
  • 11-12 June: In Cogollo del Cengio (Italy)
  • 13 June: Italian National Council meeting in Camparmò (Italy)
  • 15-17 June: Visit to the Koinonia in Prešov (Slovakia)
  • 22 June: Mexican gathering in Jerusalem (Israel)
  • 23-24 June: Solemnity of the Birth of John the Baptist, at the hermitage of St John in the Desert, Even Sapir (Israel)
  • 29 June: Koinonia gathering in Rome (Italy)
  • 30 June: Koinonia gathering in Tavernerio (Italy)