Dear brothers and sisters of the Koinonia,

“I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips” (Ps 34:1).

We truly have to praise and give thanks to the Lord for all the marvels He has done in our community, and through our community, not just in Italy and Europe but across all five continents. Let me repeat, because of what the Lord has done, we are obliged to praise and give thanks to Him with all our heart, individually and together in community.

With this in mind, on 1 January 2024 we celebrate 45 years since the foundation of Koinonia John the Baptist, marking the event which happened in Loreto on 1 January 1979. Looking at how Koinonia John the Baptist has spread throughout the world, and at all its work and ministry, I really need to say that the Prophecy of Camparmò not only has been fulfilled, but continues to be realised in all the places where Koinonia has taken root. On Friday 25 August, I wanted to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving to mark 45 years since the proclamation of the Prophecy of Camparmò – ‘spoken’ over the Koinonia. Our sister Antonietta proclaimed it on 25 August 1978. Looking at the facts and events thus far, we need to rejoice in the constant realisation and fulfilment of the words proclaimed in the Prophecy.

Everywhere where Koinonia is present, we hear of how the proclamation of the “new evangelisation” continues to attract thousands of the faithful to the knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Saviour in their individual lives. We can see and discern real moments (fruit of the “new vocation”) that result from putting into practice the charisms that the Spirit has given the community: healings, fruit of the charism of healing; lives given direction, fruit of the charism of prophecy; conversions, fruit of the charism of spiritual guidance, and so on.

One of the fruits that fill my heart with joy and consolation is seeing the establishment of houses of prayer, where many brothers and sisters gather, learning how to pray using the Bible and where they experience the action of the Holy Spirit.

Houses of Prayer bear witness to conversions, the reconciliation of couples, and physical, psychological and spiritual healings of those who frequent them.

Then we have our familial communities, which are small churches where the Lord is praised and blessed, putting Him at the centre, where He rightfully should be in our family life. The familial community then forms part of of the Oasis which spiritually feeds and nourishes all the members of Koinonia John the Baptist.

As Founder of Koinonia John the Baptist, I can’t help but be continually amazed when faced with the work of the Holy Spirit. For this reason, I believe I can say that, with the power of the Spirit, the Lord is leading us ever more intensely towards a new way of living as Church, and I believe I can affirm that this new way of living Church is the Church envisioned and hoped for by the Second Vatican Council.

For this reason, dear friends, this new year requires us to take new steps forward: under the guidance of the Spirit, following the Lord Jesus, to the glory of God the Father, accompanied with the powerful intercession of the ever-Virgin Mary.

Fr. Ricardo Argañaraz